AR Glasses Development

Friday. November 16, 2018

Projects Ideas Prototype

So the majority of my blog will consist of my ideas and things that go on in my day to day life. I'm in no way, shape, or form any kind of grammar or punctuation master, sorry ahead of time if some of this just comes off as thoughts or after thoughts. My ideas so far, what everyone is asking for right now today is for glasses something that can project our world and merge it with the virtual world. What if we took it a step further though? Imagine a world where a pair of glasses can be interlinked together, where what you see is what everyone else sees. Imagine a world where you can place virtual objects or even use virtual objects as if they were there in front of you. Example: Someone doesn't have a physical computer.. Well with virtual glasses you have a screen in your vision and you have the internet at your disposal. Let's say you want to browse the web or search something on google, you can either use a voice command or a physical hand gesture to bring up a virtual computer. This said computer has a full keyboard and even a full connection to the internet. But without the need of carrying around a laptop... My thoughts are that the glasses don't have to have too much technology built into it, these glasses can be conneceted to even your smartphone. Smartphones are becoming ever so powerful and will continue to become beter over the next years. Picture a world that can be updated instantly around you. A world where you can play with virtual nurf guns with your friends, create virtual objects, buy virtual pets and the list continues on.

    • Virtual Games
    • Create and Set Virtual Objects
    • Shop for vitual items: Virtual Pets, Virtual Code