Honda Accord Mods Plans

Thursday. January 28, 2021

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I've been saving up money for awhile now. It's felt like it has taken forever to actually get to this point where I feel confident enough to move forward with everything I want to accomplish with my car. In the past I've always put things off and considered doing it later. Nothing ever gets done though. So this is the month of change. I plan on finally lowering my car and adding the rear camber kit. I also plan on getting a set of new wheels for my car. Still uncertain about the brand I just know I don't really want anything that's going to be a massive hassle. I also ordered the new front grille and just ordered a new set of custom badges to go along with it.

    • Aftermarket Wheels
    • Lowering kit along with camber
    • Front Sports Grille
    • New custom badges from aero spec racing
    • Full HFP Kit (Aero Kit)