Site Update

Tuesday. November 20, 2018

Site Updates

I've finally updated the Bootstrap source code used on my site to Bootstrap 4.1.0 which comes with lots of major improvements. Lots of decluttering has happened on the frontend of the site along with the backend. Here's a small list of visual improvements:

    • Navbar: the navbar now incldues collapsible content using the hamburger button. Secondary navbar added to remove links from main nav.
    • Cards (content holders) have been updated and now match the site theme a bit better.
    • Sidebar card has been moved down to even out with the main blog section.
    • I've added fontawesome icons back to the site since Bootstrap no longer offers icons

Backend improvements include:

    • Decluttered Source Code
    • Lots of personal documentation (hopefully to make it easier when updating next time)
    • Updated Bootstrap Source from V4 Alpha 6 to V4.1.0